Tellurium Dioxide with Permanganate back titiration

Well we have permnaganate of a known conc. and back titrate it with tellurium dioxide to find out the purity of TeO2 and ... I have no idea what the reaction is ....

TeO2 + KMnO4 --->....?

Any help would be appreciated, I will be able to carry out my % nitric acid and TeO2 purity once I know the reaction products...

Thank you!

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With nitric acid, I think

With nitric acid, I think the products are Mn(II) and H6TeO6 (or Te(OH)6), so Te(VI). That should give you an equation to work with. Let us know if it works!


thank you very much! Will do

thank you very much! Will do the calculation now and get our approx. values and will let you know by thursday after they are corrected if it's right :)

Saved us!


Turns out it's not really

Turns out it's not really what we're looking for because we get a horrible equation with missing oxygens. we used conc nitric when preparing it, but on the reaction of TeO2 with KMnO4 the acidic medium is created by using ortho-phosphoric acid, so can TeO2 be oxidized to TeO3, because that would make the equation much easier...



Hello All, Tellurium dioxide

Hello All,

Tellurium dioxide (TeO2) is a solid oxide of tellurium. First discovered by Franz-Joseph Muller von Reichenstein, it was Martin Heinrich Klaproth who named the element in 1798 after the Latin word for “earth”, Telus. It is encountered in two different forms, the yellow orthorhombic mineral tellurite, and the synthetic, colorless tetragonal (paratellurite).

I hope it will helpful for you. To know more in details about TEO2 Tellerium DIOXIDE please visit

hi all thanks for this

hi all thanks for this comments

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