Producing Boron

Hi, I'm new to chemistry and was wondering if this is the right place to bother sombody with my questions :twisted:. I've collected some cheap chemicals from places like drug stores in the hope that I can produce most of the other chemicals I need with processes like electrolysis, reduction, synthisis etc. Anywase heres my first question:

Ive done some reserch and found that I can melt boric acid to produce B03. And I can reduce this by burning it with magnesium to get nearly pure boron. But I'm still a little new to this and I want to make sure that this is fairly safe (wolnt explode, release toxic fumes etc.) and I also need a way to seperate the resulting magnesium oxide from the boron, since I dont know much about either I'm asking you.

Thanks. :D


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B from BO3

You don't burn BO3 with Mg, but reduce the BO3 with Mg in the absence of air; the reaction requires a rather secure, heavy, closed reaction vessel (called a bomb) and lots of heat.

Magnesium is very dangerous in itself. Make sure not to look directly into it when you light it.

Yes, as Mitch notes, Mg is dangerous to handle because the incredibly pearlly, white luminescence that comes from burning magnesium is due to the enormous amount of UV that the reaction 2 Mg + O2 = 2MgO liberates.

Sometimes the danger of handling things isn't always toxicity.

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