Potassium permanganate/greensand chemical reaction

Ok. I am doing a "research" subject for work and my supervisor wants to know the whys and the hows of potassium permanganate (KMnO4) reacting with greensand aka manganese oxide (MnO). Can anyone write out the chemical reaction for me? The whole purpose for adding KMO4 to greensand is to recharge the greensand. KMnO4 is a chemical added to water prior to a greensand filter that oxidizes manganese and makes it insoluble so that it can be filtered out. You must periodically backwash the filter and after that is done, you must "recharge" the sand to oxegynate it. I need to know what the chemical reaction is. What happens when KMnO4 + MnO -----> ?

Thanks ever so much! Whoever helps me with my "homework", anytime you are in Little Rock I will buy you a beer!


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Well, I don't owe anyone a

Well, I don't owe anyone a beer. I actually researched it and figured it out for myself. This is what happens:

4KmnO4 -----> 2K2O + 4 MnO + 5O2

I even managed to balance it myself.

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