Boiling Point Temperatures and Other Questions

School is starting on the 16th of this month for me and I still have some summer homework I need help with. Any help will be greatly appreciated :)

1. In the noble gas group, why does the boiling point temperature increase as the atomic numbers increase?

2. In the alkali metal group, why does the boiling point temperature decrease as the atomic numbers increase?

3. List four ways hydrogen is similar to halogens and alkalis.

4. List four ways that hydrogen is uniques.


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Well, with boiling points:

Well, with boiling points:
a higher boiling point means you need a higher temperature to change from the liquid state to the gas state.
A higher temperature corresponds to more heat energy.
What are you doing when you change state from liquid to gas?
Are the atoms more tightly held together or less tightly held?
Why would it take extra heat energy to go from liquid to gas?
What do you think a higher boiling point is going to be a sign of?


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