Substances where the solid is less dense than the liquid?

Someone asked me a straightforward question today -
are there any other substances besides water where the solid is less dense than the liquid?

I realised I couldn't think of any -
anyone know any examples?

I'm guessing something else that has loads of hydrogen bonding...


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like water, gallium expands

like water, gallium expands on freezing and would therefore be less dense than the liquid form.

I knew that answer last

I knew that answer last year, when I needed it for General Inorganic.

I also knew the conditions for infrared spectroscopy (change of dipole moment) and the Franck-Condon Principle last year. But, when I was asked about them in my viva on Monday, I clean forgot it all :(

And the guy who lectured us on the Franck-Condon Principle was one of the guys doing my viva.

Oh dear.

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