Lewis Electron Dot Diagram Periodic Table

Does anyone know of someplace on the web where I can find a periodic table that shows the lewis diagram for each element?


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Not as such, but WebElements

Not as such, but WebElements does show a "Kossel" diagram for each element on the right column on any element page, just below the small element image. The number of blobs on the outer ring corresponds to the number of valence electrons, and so to the "Lewis" structure. For example:

Kossel shell structure of silicon

You're definitely right

You're definitely right buddy. It has been taught in our primary years, hasn't it?


What is this?

What is this?

Once you learn about lewis

Once you learn about lewis structures for elements you might be interested to learn about compounds.Here is a link.

just look in the categories

WebElements: the periodic table on the WWW [http://www.webelements.com/]

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