NMR Properties of copper

Common reference compound: [Cu(NCMe)4]ClO4 in MeCN.

Table of NMR-active nucleus propeties of copper
  Isotope 1 Isotope 2 Isotope 3
Isotope 63Cu 65Cu
Natural abundance /% 69.17 30.83
Spin (I) 3/2 3/2
Frequency relative to 1H = 100 (MHz) 26.515441 28.403658
Receptivity, DP, relative to 1H = 1.00 0.0650 0.0354
Receptivity, DC, relative to 13C = 1.00 371 202
Magnetogyric ratio, γ (107 rad T-1 s-1) 7.1117890 7.60435
Magnetic moment, μ (μN) 2.8754908 3.07465
Nuclear quadrupole moment, Q/millibarn -220(15) -204(14)
Line width factor, 1056l (m4) 0.059 0.051


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  8. The isotopic abundances are extracted from the naturally occurring isotopes section within WebElements.

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