Chromium: lattice energies

All values of lattice energies are quoted in kJ mol-1.


  • CrF2:
    thermochemical cycle: 2917 kJ mol-1
    calculated: 2778 kJ mol-1
  • CrF3:
    thermochemical cycle: 6033 kJ mol-1
    calculated: 5958 kJ mol-1


  • CrCl2:
    thermochemical cycle: 2586 kJ mol-1
    calculated: 2455 kJ mol-1
  • CrCl3:
    thermochemical cycle: 5509 kJ mol-1
    calculated: 5473 kJ mol-1


  • CrBr2:
    thermochemical cycle: 2523 kJ mol-1
    calculated: 2377 kJ mol-1
  • CrBr3:
    thermochemical cycle: (no value) kJ mol-1
    calculated: 5355 kJ mol-1


  • CrI2:
    thermochemical cycle: 2425 kJ mol-1
    calculated: 2269 kJ mol-1
  • CrI3:
    thermochemical cycle: 5274 kJ mol-1
    calculated: 5201 kJ mol-1


  • CrH:
    thermochemical cycle: (no value) kJ mol-1
    calculated: 1050 kJ mol-1


  • Cr2O3:
    thermochemical cycle: 14957 kJ mol-1
    calculated: 15276 kJ mol-1


  1. H.D.B. Jenkins - personal communication. I am grateful to Dr Don Jenkins (University of Warwick, UK) who provided the lattice energy data, which are adapted from his contribution contained within reference 2.
  2. H.D.B. Jenkins in CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics 1999-2000 : A Ready-Reference Book of Chemical and Physical Data (CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, D.R. Lide, (ed.), CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida, USA, 79th edition, 1998.

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