Caesium: crystal structures

  • Space group: Im-3m
  • Space group number: 229
  • Structure: bcc (body-centred cubic)
  • Cell parameters:
    • a: 614.1 pm
    • b: 614.1 pm
    • c: 614.1 pm
    • α: 90.000°
    • β: 90.000°
    • γ: 90.000°

You may view the structure of caesium:

caesiumcrystal structure image (ball and stick style)
caesium crystal structure image (space filling style)
The closest Cs-Cs separation is 532 nm implying a caesium metallic radius of 266 nm.


C. E. Weir, G. J. Piermarini, and S. Block, J. Chem. Phys., 1971, 54, 2768.

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